As a patient, it can be difficult to navigate the healthcare system when you do not have the proper tools or resources to do so. While motivation can look different to everyone, a motivated patient is often actively involved in their own care and driven by a positive attitude to eliminate or reduce their condition. 

Working in the industry for many years, we’ve noticed patterns in what makes a motivated patient. Here are some characteristics demonstrating a driven, participatory patient:

1. They are eager to participate.

A motivated patient wants to participate in their disease management and treatment. Generally speaking, they are actively engaged and interested in their own care or the care of a loved one. They want to know the details of their diagnosis and treatment so that they can find ways to help move their progress in the right direction.

2. They are committed to their journey.

A motivated patient puts in time and effort in order to achieve their health goals. They often take medications as prescribed and attend their appointments as scheduled. A patient that is committed will keep track of their symptoms and often assist their healthcare professionals by self-monitoring on a regular basis.

3. They have a proactive approach.

A motivated patient asks questions and engages in their own treatment plans. They will look for ways to adjust their lifestyle and actively seek out more information to educate themselves about their care or the care of a loved one. Most importantly, a proactive patient provides their input, making their journey a collaborative effort between themselves and their healthcare providers.

4. They are empowered by knowledge.

A motivated patient does their research and educates themselves and their support network about their condition in order to manage their own health. On top of that, they seek education through stakeholder organizations, friends and family, to aid in the process. A patient with motivation wants to learn everything they can in order to make more informed, educated decisions about their care.

5. They demonstrate persistence.

A motivated patient perseveres through the difficult times and stays focused on their health goals. They take responsibility for their own health and set realistic goals for managing their symptoms, lifestyle adjustments and outcomes. With grit and determination, motivated patients will keep going, even through their most difficult challenges.

For patients, when it comes to taking care of yourself or a loved one, knowledge is power. At CONNECT, we provide numerous tools and resources to support patients in their journey. When it comes to the patient journey, they should feel empowered to improve their health and well-being through the guidance of educated professionals who work to support their needs. 

“Looking after my health today gives me a better hope for tomorrow.” — Anne Wilson Schaef

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