The healthcare landscape is shifting.
An enhanced patient experience starts here.

With medical innovations and new digital capabilities rapidly emerging, there’s never been a better time to empower patients to be advocates for their own health. CONNECT helps facilitate a stronger collaboration between industry professionals, healthcare providers and patients, for improved disease management, optimal treatment and – ultimately – a better patient journey.

Customized Solutions

Customized solutions to help you build stronger patient partnerships

Leveraging our robust network, we can help you connect with patients through the creation of clinical support tools, patient care tools, stakeholder partnerships and experiential insights. Our solutions can be customized to fit your needs, helping you effectively build engagement, collaboration and true partnerships with patients for improved care.

Backed by Bridge


Bridge Medical Communications has been a leader in the medical communications space for nearly ten years. As a division of Bridge, CONNECT draws on its strong history, expertise and network to help you build stronger partnerships with patients.


A partnership built on a passion for patient care

CONNECT was born of a need to fill a gap that Lorie and Carolyn saw in the healthcare system. From their extensive experience working with the medical community, and on a personal level navigating the healthcare system for their family members, they quickly realized the disparity between ‘patient outcome’ often spoken about among healthcare professionals, and the reality of the patient experience. They saw an opportunity to educate and empower patients to be advocates for their own care.

Their complimentary skills and backgrounds, along with a long history of working together, enable them to deliver a unique perspective and dedication to clients, and ultimately patients.

Carolyn Pritchard

Carolyn has extensive experience working with healthcare professionals and patients alike and is driven by a passion for patient care. With a clinical background and experience as a nurse, along with 15 years in the medical communications industry, including years at AstraZeneca where she gained a deep understanding of the commercialization of medicine and medical communications, Carolyn brings a unique perspective of the healthcare industry, and specifically the patient care journey.

Lorie Spence

With over 20 years experience in the healthcare industry, Lorie has witnessed firsthand the evolution from small molecules and a single physician prescriber, to precision medicine models and a more holistic approach to medicine centred on patient care and advocacy. Leveraging her business and communications background, she co-founded Bridge as a way to help healthcare professionals adapt and evolve within this rapidly changing environment of therapeutic advances. With CONNECT, Lorie is excited to be able to extend this evolution of care to patients for better disease management and outcome.



Clinical support tools

Provide evidence-informed, rapid support at point of care.

Clinical support tools

Used by healthcare professionals as part of the patient visit to provide prompts, chart requests and information transfer for optimal care management


Patient-centred care tools

Facilitate participatory medicine & shared decision making.

Patient-centred care tools

Communication tools and decision aids designed to improve patient knowledge and encourage active collaboration and partnership between patients and healthcare professionals in course of care


Patient empowerment

Encourage patients to confidently participate in their treatment.

Patient empowerment

Designed to provide patients with the knowledge, resources and skills to take ownership of their disease management and play an active role in their care


Experiential insights

Gain visibility into the patient experience for improved care.

Experiential insights

Get valuable direct insights from patients to address therapeutic challenges and barriers across the entire management continuum; a critical step to deepen patient engagement


Stakeholder partnerships

Optimize communication and strengthen relationships.

Stakeholder partnerships

Build collaborative relationships between patient communities and organizations across the health sector, with a shared mission and vision to improve health outcomes

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