Pivot is definitely one of the buzzwords of 2020 and nowhere is it more prevalent than in the healthcare space. Ten months into the pandemic, here is what we’ve learned about our evolving industry and where we are headed.

1. Individuals and organizations are moving quickly to adopt technologies as a means to communication and manage both physical and mental health. Digital tools play a vital role in the healthcare space.

2. Virtual professional development is here to stay—it’s convenient, cost effective and yields productive insights.

3. Online meetings and conferences require a fresh approach—it’s not as simple as taking programming designed for in-person audiences and putting it online. Zoom fatigue is real and organizers must ensure virtual content is engaging and interactive.

4. With healthcare resources strained by COVID-19, other medical conditions are being under-diagnosed and treatments delayed. There’s never been a better time to empower patients with the information and resources to take control of their own health.

5. Patient-centred care is the future of healthcare and patients’ needs must be a focal point for building strong relationships, resources, treatments and systems.