Lorie Spence and Carolyn Pritchard, Co-Founders of Bridge Medical Communications, focus on developing tools and resources to support healthcare professionals and patients in collaborating and making informed treatment decisions. They emphasize the importance of patient-centred care, participatory medicine, and patient engagement to help address therapeutic challenges and barriers that impact patient outcomes. By applying healthcare communication strategies and providing practical and functional tools for use at the point of care, they are bridging the gap between providers and patients.

Lorie explains, “Some tools we developed through Bridge Medical Communications through CONNECT really support healthcare professionals at the point of care. With the dynamic shift in the marketplace, with precision medicine and the need to engage the multidisciplinary team, we’ve developed tools like flow sheets that can be integrated into the EMRs to help assist and prompt through the steps of care from assessment of all the way to therapeutic onboarding and management.”

Carolyn elaborates, “Connecting is ensuring that the patient’s voice and that the patient is, as you mentioned, participating in their healthcare journey. So we’re trying to support industry and stakeholders in developing these tools so they can collaborate with the patients. As we’ve mentioned, it might be a patient counseling tool, like a transition tool, these types of things provide continuity of care critical between the patient, the healthcare provider, and often, caregivers.”

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